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How to Sort, Pack and Store Items in Your Messy Closet

Posted by Erin Wachtel on Jan 14, 2013 2:13:00 PM

A closet is often an area forgotten, tucked away from the busyness of life, left to collect any number of miscellaneous things. If your closet has become a refuge to your barley-thought-of items, then it’s the perfect time of the year to change that. Take back your closet space with a few of these space-saving storage ideas to help you pack and store your things.

Begin by labeling six boxes with the words “used daily,” “used weekly,” “needs repair,” “seasonal,” “donate,” and “trash.” Then, one by one, sort everything in your closet into the most appropriate boxes. Make sure you’re honest with yourself, though. Even if you really love that old concert tee-shirt, if it doesn’t fit you, you probably won’t wear it again. If it’s free of stains and tears, donate it. Otherwise, throw it in your “trash” box.

Now that you’ve got the contents of your closet sorted out, it’s time to pack and store. Using clear plastic bins, pack up all seasonal items and label them appropriately. Snap-on lids will help protect these belongings from weather and pests while you are not using them and clearly written labels will help avoid the need to dig for the things you need as the seasons change.

Any items which have landed in either the “trash” or “donate” boxes should immediately go to your car and the nearest donation drop-off location or a dumpster. Allowing them a space in your home until you find time to drop them off may encourage periodic dispersal within your home, which is something you should try to avoid.

With everything neatly packed away, it is time to store your things. Fortunately, now that you’ve cleared your closet, you’ve got ample room in which to do so. There is often space to store things both above and below the clothing rack, and with the use of simple shelving you can optimize your space to fit your storage needs.

Should you have items too big to store in your closet, a self-storage unit like Storage Masters may be a good option for you. With military discounts, introductory deals, and other incentives like a free lock and moving truck, self-storage can be a great way to open up valuable living space without requiring you to part with your old foosball table from college.

The chaos of life may leave you with little time to organize the hidden areas of your home. But proper, well-thought out organization will actually save you time (and sanity) in the long-run. This weekend, pack and store that closet build-up to increase functionality and decrease stress. And, who knows? Maybe it will inspire you to finally tackle that mess in your kitchen cabinets next.

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