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5 Ways to Prepare Your Home For Spring Cleaning

Posted by Samantha Dilday on Feb 25, 2013 2:47:00 PM

The winter chill is starting to drift away, and soon comfy coats will be traded in for shorts. With spring comes warm weather, outside excursions, and the inevitable spring cleaning. Every household has their own way of tackling the massive cleanup, and you have probably already started thinking about it. Before donning your rubber gloves and duster you need to start preparing your home, because if your home is prepped for a big cleaning then it will go much smoother and faster.

Spring Cleaning Plan

Creating a plan is vital to getting the spring cleanup started smoothly and done quickly. You should try to stick to cleaning just one room at a time. This will help keep down chaos in the rest of the home, and keep you focused on what needs to be done.

You should figure out when the cleaning will be done. If you have time to finish all the cleaning in one day that would be great, but you can break it up into a few days. Make sure you know which rooms you are going to clean on which days.

Getting Organized

Make sure you are organized before starting any cleaning. Armed with your cleaning plan you can better understand which cleaning products you will need and when. A few things to keep in mind are listed below.

  • Make sure all of your cleaning products, like wood polish and glass cleaner, are up to date. You should also make sure you have enough of each to finish the job once you start.
  • Check your brooms, mops, dusters, and other cleaning tools to make sure they are in good condition. The bristles, feathers, or sponges should still be firmly attached to the handle. Making sure the tools are in good repair could save you an emergency trip to the store to buy a new one.
  • If you plan on pulling out new curtains and bed clothes out of storage for spring then you should go ahead of pull them out so that they will be ready to be put to use.

Ask For Help

If you have family or friends that may be willing to help with the cleaning then ask. Cleaning always seems to go by faster with others helping. You can offer to help your friends wither their cleanup in exchange for helping you.

Also if you have children a good cleaning session could really help teach them responsibility. You can make spring cleaning fun for kids and friends by playing music while you clean. Children also respond well to rewards for getting their cleaning finished.

It is important to let your family and friends know about your cleaning plan. When everyone knows what is going on there will be less confusion. Helpers should also know where to find cleaning supplies.

Keep Up With Housework

One final tip for getting your home prepared for the big cleaning is to keep up with normal housework. By keeping up with chores around the house you will be doing a little of your spring cleanup a head of time. You will have a better idea of the troubled areas, and you will have an organized home to start with.

By making sure you have a plan and all the supplies in order, you'll be much more prepared by the time you're ready to start your spring cleaning. As you prepare, you may also notice that your closets are over-packed and you have items that you don't use frequently cluttering up your home. If so, you may want to take an inventory of these items and look for a storage facility that may be able to accommodate your belongings. Having them out of the way will give you more room for organizing during your spring cleaning routine!

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