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How to Create Useful Storage in Your Home's Hallways

Posted by Erin Wachtel on Mar 22, 2013 3:05:00 PM

Creating useful storage in your home is mostly about creating enough space to store frequently used items, without letting the storage methods take up too much space themselves. This is especially true in the hallway. Space is limited, but you want to store many frequently used items there. Things like shoes, coats, and keys are handy to have in your hallway. But if you have useful storage space in this area, these items can just add to the overall clutter of your home and add to your frustration. Here are a few tips to help you create useful storage in your hallway:

Tall bookcases
Bookcases are not only for books. Many bookcases have removable shelves. You can arrange the shelves to house many different medium and small items. Bookcases are useful because they utilize vertical space. This means you can stack many items and build up--not out, only using a small amount of floor space. You can also use them to display your books or pictures to guests entering your home, or use the space for items you frequently need when going between rooms, like throw blankets or magazines. Bookcases can be a very versatile storage solution.

Limit the number of coat hooks
Coat hooks in the hallway is an example of using storage for many reasons--the most prominent one being handiness. You can easily grab your coat on your way out of the door. But too many hooks can invite too many bags, coats, scarves and hats. Often a very narrow hallway can get cluttered with mountains of coats. Avoid this by limiting the number of coat hooks in your hallway. This practice will force you and the people you live with to put the coats they aren't using day-to-day back in their own closet, where they belong.

Storage benches
The tricky thing with storage benches is that, at times, they can be too wide for a narrow hallway. Be sure to measure and get benches that will not impede traffic through the hallway. That said, they can be very useful storage solutions. They provide both a place to sit and remove or put on shoes, and a place to put those hiking or rain boots that you don't wear every day but are still need. Depending on your needs, you can find storage benches with built-in shelves or movable tops. Both options are well-suited for hallways.

These tips will help de-clutter your home and create a functional and ornate hallway for your family, friends, and houseguests. Don't let your home's hallways go to waste. There's plenty of useable space in them. All you need is useful storage solutions that will keep this small but valuable space in your home as tidy as possible.

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